V Day 2019: Gift ideas on Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend/girlfriend

The million dollar question during February is not about who is gonna win the Super Bowl and which songs Maroon 5 are going to perform. It’s all about love and Valentine’s Day, because your better half needs your undivided attention. Some say you should love every day of the year and buy gifts when not expected, but it still is a unique opportunity to put some thought into the needs of the person sharing your bed!

So, let’s say you’ve been in a relationship for a very long time and you have already bought for her half her wardrobe or you’re new to this and you don’t know the other person so well that you can choose a gift without a doubt of failure. This will safely guide you through Valentine’s Day expectations and answer the question “what should I buy her/him this year?”.

For Her

1. Yoga/Pilates Mat

Fitness is a constant goal for almost all of us, so if your girl is determined enough to put in the work for a killer and more healthy body, you should support that in the most boyfriend way possible.

Yoga and pilates are the new norm, so whether she hits a yoga class after work or tests some YouTube tutorials at home, she should have all the essentials and that of course includes the perfect yoga mat!

It doesn’t have to be boring though, it can have a modern, eco friendly twist!

2. DIY Letters Message Board LED Lamp

Even if you don’t live together yet, she would still love something of yours in her place, something she can look at when she misses you.

The most perfect thing will always be your used T-shirt, but apart from that, on Valentine’s Day you can go the extra mile for something a bit more special.

This light message board is what you need. Write down how much you love her, the nickname you’ve given her or even the date you met each other.


3. Selfie LED Ring for iPhone & Smartphones

We live in a world dominated by social media and she’s a social media gal, so she definitely needs for those selfies to be flawless even with zero filters on.

That’s the right purchase for her!

A selfie ring light is the ultimate girl gadget for curated content like a pro.

Portable, light and in 4 fun colours.

Next time she asks for a selfie with you, you can’t say no!

4. Personalized Calendar Keychain

This is the most perfect thing on the list!

It always is hard for men to remember dates, anniversaries, birthdays and stuff like this, but this will prove once and for all to her that you have your relationship’s date engraved in your mind forever.

A personalized calendar keychain with the right message and she will be smitten!

For Him

1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Canvas

Whether you’ve watched the ‘Star Wars’ saga or not, you already know it is a very sacred and close to heart matter to most men in this world.

It’s their ‘Sex & The City’, so this Star Wars Stormtrooper canvas will be the proof that you have noticed his taste in movies and you know what he likes most.

You don’t have to watch all episodes though, but it would probably make him even more excited to share them with you.

2. 3D LED Modern Digital Clock for Wall

There should be no home without a clock.

Vintage, new age or in any other style, it’s one of the basic deco choices.

If you have a busy man and one who likes to be on time, this modern digital clock will perfectly match his schedule and sense of time.

The one downside is that with this hanging on the wall, you probably shouldn’t be late for your dates either!

3. Men Vintage Leather Wallet

There are some certain choices that make a man.

His choice of shoes, watch and of course, wallet!

Many might not style their outfits, but they always carry around a wallet, but what does it say for him if it’s one bought 10 years ago?

He has to go modern and who is the expert on that?

9 out of 10 times, you are, so you get to choose this vintage leather wallet that is sure to fit his style!

4. M2 Fitness Watch Waterproof IP67 +Watchbands

This is the new must have!

A waterproof fitness watch tracking his every day health data, meaning number of steps, distance, calories, time on activities and details like that.

It will definitely help him keep a record of his health state and it’s a way for you to show him your affection and how you’re gonna be there to take good care of him, using all the latest tech tricks!

So yes, this year you’re basically gonna be the perfect gift giver, but most of all, you will get to celebrate your love and that’s the most important thing about Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to say ‘I love you’, show some affection and give one of those tight hugs that take your breath away!

In a world full of singles, you’re lucky to have found your perfect match!

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